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put a face on it

17 Apr

Hey folks – our apologies for the lull in blogging this season.  It seems winter really has taken its toll and has even kept us from posting…  For real though, we hope all you No-Waste-Wednesdays regulars have been staying inspired to reduce your waste in many other ways!

This month we’d like to bring up a few topics under the theme of family care.  Check back in 2011 & 2012 for posts on cloth diapers, the one-can-a-month challenge, insect repellents, the plastic toy debate, earth day, and inspiring kids to nurture a relationship with nature.

Earth Day 2013

Earth Day 2013

This year Earth Day 2013 is coming up on Monday April 22nd!  One of the most important aspects to environmental education is to have positive role models who show care and concern for issues of injustice and environmental degradation.  So if you work with kids, youth, students or have young people in your life – use this year’s Earth Day theme as way to engage them.

Earth Day 2013’s campaign is to show the many faces of climate change – check out their video below, use #faceofclimate in your social media and visit their website to upload a photo yourself.   Put a face on climate change!