The CO2ube – filter for your tailpipe

24 Jul

As July’s theme is transportation at No Waste Wednesdays we wanted to share with you a neat idea we heard about recently from Ecoviate – The CO2ube…

“CO2ube filters out carbon dioxide from your tailpipe” by

Carbon dioxide emissions have been linked to all sorts of environmental ills. Improvements in car design are helping the issue, but the CO2ube Kickstarter project wants to take carbon dioxide filtration to any car on the road.co2ube_610x458
The CO2ube attaches onto the end of your tailpipe using hose clamps. A combination of algae and sodium hydroxide filters out the carbon dioxide as it exits from car.
A single CO2ube is going for a pledge price of $45. The company behind the product, Ecoviate, has created working prototypes and is looking to produce the device in quantity. 
Read more here


Check them out on Kickstarter if you’d like to contribute to their cause or track more news about Ecoviate on their blog.  
Leave us a comment!  Any thoughts on the CO2ube?  Do you believe more resources should go towards technologies like the CO2ube to decrease GHG emissions or towards programming/efforts to decrease dependence on technologies that emit GHGs?


One Response to “The CO2ube – filter for your tailpipe”

  1. joel July 24, 2013 at 7:40 pm #

    I do think that there should be many more innovations like this one. It would be wonderful if we could all drive electric cars or hybrids, but there’s going to be a long long transition to get to that point. Something like the CO2ube is low-cost enough that no one really has an excuse not to get it. Unless of course you don’t believe in climate change.

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