Event/Team Apparel

17 Oct


Have you ever attended an event, perhaps an exhibition or conference where you wound up with dozens of disposable promotional items?  Or been a part of a team who liked you to sport matching branded toques, pants, lanyards, and over-sized t-shirts?


It’s understandable that teams and companies want to give you items with their branding on it but they tend to be cheaply made goods with temporary use in mind.  Although this man appears quite happy in his branded vest, chances are it will end up at the bottom of a drawer or in a give away pile… And I’m sure this guy at the table is excited to get something for free but ultimately the free pen, sticker, pamphlet, or hand sanitizer will end up in the garbage as these items are typically made to carry the brand and not for their function.

So how can a company or team who is concerned with environmentally responsible apparel still encourage its members to carry its brand?  Here’s a simple list to start with:

  1. Use items that are already in use – although businesses should aim to go paperless, some retailers print messages on the back of their receipts, business cards, or magnets.
  2. Offer items that are recyclable instead of single-use materials – many companies nowadays offer more environmentally friendly alternatives (ex: paper pens instead of plastic).
  3. Gifts – why not give away a plant or a package of seeds as a participation gift instead of the usual ball cap.
  4. Web space – invite interested customers/clients to download a free banner to post on their websites, blog or social media profiles.
  5. Prizes – think gift basket but without the plastic packaging and including local foods or preserves.
  6. Function – notebooks, flash drives, or items that people can use in various settings.

There are also many event planning and creative branding companies that offer consultation services to help planners minimize their negative environmental impacts.  Check out ecoincentives!


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