Dust those toxins away!

5 Sep

Photo from Dr. P. Body’s Learning Fun Centre drpbody.com

This month we will once again focus on hygiene products, their impacts on us and our environment.
In the past couple of years we’ve investigated anti-bacterial chemicals,  featured business using organic or homemade products (like pink solution), explored chemical free cleaning,  the Story of Cosmetics video and a list of the top 8 ingredients to watch out for when buying products.

To start off our hygiene focus this year we thought we’d draw your attention to a very simple cleaning chore that could help minimize toxins in your home… dusting!

Read more from David Suzuki’s Queen of Green:

Studies have shown that consumer products, not stuff coming out of smokestacks, are the likely source of flame retardants or, PBDEs (polybrominated diphenyl ethers) that are building up in people and animals.

These toxic chemicals have been linked to cancer, adverse effects on the developing brain, and immune and reproductive problems. They are also persistent and bioaccumulative, which means they build up in the environment and our bodies (and in animals like polar bears and killer whales).

These chemicals contaminate household dust, posing a substantial health risk to people. In fact, household dust is now recognized as one of the most significant sources of childhood exposure to toxic substances.

Studies show that dust is really a chemical soup with low levels of flame retardants, phthalates, metals like lead, mercury and arsenic, and pesticides.

Photo from life123.com

Solution? Dust with a damp cloth weekly or wet mop twice a week if you have a crawling child.

Some of these chemicals are tracked in from outside. But most come from consumer products. You’ll also find higher levels in dryer lint and the vacuum cleaner bag. (Don’t compost dryer lint if you spread it on garden veggie beds!)

Thanks to Lindsay Coulter, Queen of Green!


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