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4 Jul

Welcome to July folks and to our month focused on transportation…

A lot of people would say that they value biking or taking public transportation and yet don’t seem to get out of their cars to do it.  The usual excuses are not having enough time or lacking the necessary means (a bicycle for one).  There have been studies done about this very disconnect – it’s called the Environmentally Sustainable Behaviour (ESB) gap.  Time and money win out as the top 2 reasons that people use when explaining the differences between their environmental values and their behaviours.  Access and availability however also play a big role.  Cycling for example is much safer, more enjoyable, and way more likely to happen if a city/region has proper bicycle lanes!

Last month 5 Saskatoon city councillors volunteered to cycle to work for a week and blog about their experiences.  The Bike and Blog was part of a “Bike to Work Week” campaign for the spring in motion campaign and will hopefully lead to more bike lanes as the councillors experience cycling for themselves.  Check out their blog to see the full week!

Are there exciting things happening in your city/region to encourage more people to use self-propelled or public transportation?  Tell us about it!

And since Vancouver is doing some neat things too – please check out Talk Green Vancouver 🙂  Their long term goal is to “Make walking, cycling, and public transit preferred transportation options” and to make “the majority of trips (over 50%) on foot, bicycle, and public transit”!


One Response to “Bike and Blog”

  1. Chris Penner July 5, 2012 at 5:00 pm #

    The fact that gasoline sales and car usage has actually gone down since 1995 boggles my mind; thanks for the post!

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