21 Jun

River Saskatoon, SK

Often when it comes to vacations, whether that be summer or winter we can’t wait to “get out of here”. We look forward to being able to leave our cities or towns for a relaxing time away. However, we can have a break and relax without ‘vacating’ . We can stay right where we are and have a  local vacation, or a staycation!
First step: GET OUTSIDE! Don’t go outside to do things around the yard you’ve been meaning to get accomplished. I mean literally go outside, enjoy the nature of your own city or town. Many times we think we must travel to experience the wonders of the world, or to experience all nature has to offer. Well guess what? Nature is all around us. Find local ways to indulge in nature.

Staycations mean you are able to save money, and be eco- friendly!

“Air travel emits as much as 700 million tonnes of carbon each year, and that rate of emission is growing at a rate of 5 per cent each year. Cruise ships generate as much as three times that of a plane trip. Staycations avoid these pollutants while opening our eyes to new neighbourhoods, restaurants and museums in our own town or city.”

As well, think of how much gas you’ll save when you could walk or bike to your destination!

Plan a week of local exploration.  If you are in and around Saskatoon – here are some helpful links to get you started:

Tips for a fun Staycation anywhere:

  1. Remember- you’re on vacation! Turn off your cell phone put away your work laptop and turn on your Out of Office auto-reply. Tell everyone at work that you are unavailable, just as if you were leaving town.
  2. Be a Tourist! Visit your town’s tourist office for maps, guides and tons of ideas to make your staycations entertaining and enlightening.
  3. Find out what festivals are happening in your home town or city this summer and check them out! Try a new restaurant, go see a play, drive outside of the city one night and lay on a blanket to star gaze.

Any suggestions for things to do during your staycation in your city or town?  Let us know!


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