Water Action

21 Mar

Last year we blogged about water & health, bottled water, water crisis and, water security.  This year – in the middle of water week we wanted to tell you about an amazing trek that is happening in Nepal to raise awareness about water and climate change.

The trek cuts across some of the most vulnerable places in the country to climate change… The Himalayan Climate Initiative (HCI) is organizing this trail to highlight the fact that the Himalayas that provide water to more than a billion people in Asia is being critically impacted by Climate Change.  Spanning 1700 kilometers across some of the most pristine places on the planet, the Great Himalayan Trail (GHT) is truly wondrous.
Also, one of the objectives of the trail is to promote local tourism along the route that can benefit impacted and impoverished communities as a much needed climate adaptation project. The stories and facts from the trail, they believe, will offer the Government of Nepal and its development partners new ways in addressing climate change. (350.0rg)

We thought this was a very creative project to raise awareness and ownership amongst government officials and community members by creating common goals and action steps.  Follow them on the trail here.

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