The tragic marriage of last minute planning and single-use disposables.

8 Feb

Why is it that styrofoam cups, plastic cutlery and bottled water can be found in abundance at conferences, meetings and special events? We choose to believe that the planners are not intentionally buying single-use disposables out of a desire to grow the landfills but rather out of a lack of preparation and thought.
It’s true that picking up a box of bottled water, a bag full of disposable cutlery and stacks of styrofoams cups is possible an hour before your event. However it is also true that those things, for the most part, do not biodegrade and in the end will pollute your water, soil and air.

So what are the alternatives?  The good news is that there are many – all it takes is proper planning!

Finding green products is easier than ever and getting easier all the time… many earth-friendly products are as economical, or more so, as their conventional counterparts because they often utilize recycled or reclaimed materials, require less processing and output less waste than would otherwise have to be managed. (Crissy Trask, “It’s Easy Being Green”)

Check out the following links for information on dinnerware made from plants, reusable materials and tips for eco-friendly event planning:

Be encouraged and hold your event planners accountable. Next time you attend a meeting/conference/potluck where the organizers have used single-use disposables, tell them there is a better way!

Have other event-planning tips to share?  Please leave us a comment with your creative strategies to make your events earth-friendly!


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