The 2nd life of plastic bottles

1 Feb

Welcome to February – our theme this month is on disposables and we’ll be focusing on some impressive options. Today we wanted to highlight a few alternative uses for plastic bottles – a very popular item in our garbage cans…

Garbage disposal is a problem everywhere in our Insta-Life society. There are things we simply can’t throw away (the radioactive stuff), things we shouldn’t throw away (the toxic stuff), and lots of stuff we probably should never have made or purchased in the first place. No worries for us because we can just toss our trash away, out of sight and out of mind, while we go about the business of accruing more stuff we don’t really need…right? Wrong. Sadly, we cannot mindlessly toss the trash out of reality, because trash doesn’t magically disappear after it’s been picked up by the collectors.

Our gigantic garbage pits are full to overflowing, mostly with leftover building materials, disposable diapers, and appliances. In the developed countries of the world, each human uses an average 200 pounds of plastic annually. While a tiny amount of the garbage is recycled into durable goods, about half the plastic we produce ends up in the landfills, and the rest of it becomes lost in the environment and ultimately washes out to the sea, to become trapped in a swelling, swirling limbo of heavily polluted ocean gyres, negatively affecting ocean health and, ultimately, every person and being on the entire earth. (Lisa McBride and Paul Richard Harris, Axis of Logic)

So what else can you do with your plastic??  Check out these incredibly creative creations:

Click here or here for more ideas of things you can do with old plastic bottles…
With all these ideas we can surely Reduce, Reuse, Re-purpose and Recycle our plastic and keep it out of the landfills, oceans and parks!!


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