Zero Waste Holidays

20 Dec

Christmas is only 5 days away and if you’re still shopping for gifts watch this video and then read on for a message from Transition Voice‘s Sherry Ackerman to give you some inspiration for a zero waste holiday!

Getting into the Zero Waste holiday spirit doesn’t mean turning into an obsessive recycler or going out of your way to locate special products at environmentally friendly stores. The sum of individual actions such as using cloth instead of paper napkins, refusing to buy over-packaged goods, or limiting what you spend can keep thousands of pounds of garbage from our landfills.

Being aware of what you buy is the most important thing that you can do to reduce waste and your impact on the planet this holiday season. Recycling is one way to divert the amount of garbage going to our landfill but the real key to making a dent in our holiday waste generation is moving beyond recycling to reuse and reduction.

Reducing spending and devoting less time to buying things doesn’t mean losing out on the spirit of the Holidays. If anything you will feel better for being able to spend more time with friends and loved ones and knowing you’re helping to protect the Earth.

And remember – if you do find a gift that needs to be wrapped…most Christmas wrapping paper is not recyclable because it is too waxy so choose a recyclable wrap OR use newspaper!

Let us know if you’ve come up with any fantastic ideas for homemade, crafted, reused, repurposed or reloved gifts this year!  Leave a comment or email us at

One Response to “Zero Waste Holidays”

  1. Thrift Shopper for Peace December 21, 2011 at 3:52 pm #

    I’ve used newspapers (especially colour comics) and try to tailor the paper to the gift or the person receiving it (i.e. the movie section for my movie-buff son) or old calendars for gift wrap – these are great for CDs. i’ve also seen people use old maps or, for smaller gifts, old national geographic magazine pages. i blogged about this recently and readers also shared the idea of wrapping gifts in things that are in themselves a gift: like tea towels or scarves. i LOVE that idea so much i’m going to use it in the future.

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