Just in case you weren’t already a fan…

26 Oct

Our last week focusing on Fashion before we move onto “Home Improvements” in November…

To many people, 2nd hand clothing is a given, obvious way of shopping for clothes with less of an environmental impact.  However, if you haven’t yet joined in on the thrifting please read this brief write up from ecomii

America throws away two quadrillion pounds of used clothing each year. Heaps of wasted clothing, often still in great condition, languish in landfills. Purchasing and reusing second hand clothing will significantly reduce the severe toll placed on the environment through the production of new clothing.
Reusing clothing is great for the environment because there are no new materials, fuel, or energy spent in manufacturing. Besides the environmental benefits, you can often get terrific bargains when shopping for used clothing. It takes patience, but you can find inexpensive treasures in the aisles of your local consignment or vintage clothing store. Additionally, organizations like Goodwill perform a great social service by using 84% of their revenues to fund employment and training programs for people with disabilities.
Our goal should be to waste as little as possible by keeping clothes in our closets and out of landfills. Buying used clothing is an easy, economical, and stylish way of helping the environment.

There are many thrift stores to choose from with added social benefits, like our own MCC Thrift stores – the profits are donated back to MCC to fund aid and development programming.
If you can’t get out to support these stores then now there is also online thrift shopping – check that out.  It works much like Ebay or a silent auction in that you have to bid for each item.

And if you’re already a thrift shopper – go and read the last few posts from thriftshopperforpeace as she documents all different types of stores on her travels.  It’s amazing what’s all out there!

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