Ethical Marketplace?

19 Oct

Happy Wednesday in the middle of Waste Reduction Week.  If you’re following this event – check out Waste Reduction Council’s community assessment tool…

Today we wanted to draw attention to an online marketplace called Ethical Ocean,

Our purchasing decisions affect our society and the planet.
It’s up to each of us to know what we are buying and why—and how each product we spend our dollars on impacts other people, animals, and the environment.
But that doesn’t mean we have to know everything. We can share our knowledge, and ideas, to help one another choose wisely. That’s what Ethical Ocean is all about.

This website collects ethical products for sale across North America guaranteeing that each seller and every product meets at least one of their 3 designations:

Good for people.  Good for animals.  Good for the environment.  

They also include a number of informative articles and links to build awareness around these screens and empower consumers to make informed, educated purchases.
Since this month’s focus is on clothing and apparel – check out what Ethical Ocean has to offer

Know of other sites or collectives like this?  Share them with us – we’d love to hear about more initiatives like this one!


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