Too Good To Waste

14 Oct

Hello No Waste Wednesday-ers!
Waste Reduction Week is an incredible opportunity to draw attention to waste problems in your communities!

This event goes from October 17-23 in Canada and is intended to raise public consciousness about waste and its environmental and social ramifications.

The WRW theme, “Too Good To Waste” is about conveying an appreciation for the richness and beauty of our diverse world and the importance of working toward ecological sustainability by conserving resources and curbing wasteful practices.
The ultimate goal is to educate, engage and empower Canadians to reduce waste through provision of access to relevant information, opportunities and options.

How great is that?!  So – take a moment to visit their webpage and support any local events that are being organized in your area.  If you don’t find one in your town – get inspired and start something in your neighborhood!


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