Sustainable Fashion

12 Oct

Thank you Amy for last’s week’s inspiration… Today we’d like to share a little wisdom from the great people who work at Patagonia…  Their company has long been know for their environmentally conscious approach and they are continuing to develop new projects all the time. For today – here are a few words and commitments from their Common Threads initiative

First: Reduce. To get by with fewer clothes they have to be of excellent quality (which also means that they have to be made by fairly paid and treated workers and to the highest possible environmental safety standards). Their raw material should be, to the degree possible, sustainably produced. This initiative calls on us to re-commit to making clothes that last, stay reasonably in fashion and serve as many uses as possible. This calls on you to buy what you’ll wear – and want to keep long enough to wear out.

Second: Repair. If a zipper fails, have it fixed, especially if the garment has a lot of life in it. As our part of the bargain, to makes clothes that wear out as evenly as possible, we’ll fix it for free.

Third: Reuse. If you no longer want a garment, we’ll help provide a way for you to sell it or trade it for something else – or donate it to someone who needs it.

Fourth: Recycle. What can’t be worn any more, we will collect and recycle by the most efficient, least harmful method. Polyester and nylon clothes can be melted down and made into new fiber of the same quality as the original. Organic cotton and wool clothes have to be chopped up and spun into fiber of useful but lesser quality.

Reading about this endeavor is inspiring and companies with these values should be supported.  However, not all of us can afford the initial costs to purchase high quality clothing items – even if we are committed to sustainable living!  So the challenge is to find ways to support companies like Patagonia OR to take their ideas and do them yourselves!

Buy less, reuse what you have, trade with your friends (just like lunch back in school days!) and when an item is just plain done – repurpose it for a cloth bag, quilt cover or travel mug cozy.
We can do it friends – say no to single use fashion.

2 Responses to “Sustainable Fashion”

  1. Melissa October 12, 2011 at 5:11 pm # is a blog with a lot of wacky ideas, but also many valuable articles ( about the importance of “upcycling” – making new clothes out of old ones instead of buying.

  2. fashion October 21, 2011 at 6:14 am #

    very nice and informative post … thanks for sharing

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