Chemical free?

28 Sep

A big No Waste Wednesdays welcome to today’s guest blogger – Amy, the Saskatoon branch owner of EcoCare – a chemical free cleaning company…

Stevie Wonder is serenading me in the background as I sit in the lovely “Il Secondo” on Broadway in Saskatoon, trying to think of where to start with this blog post.  But then this statement leads me to the realization that a lot of my clients come to me with the same questions.  “When it comes to breaking yourself free from a life of harmful chemicals, where do I even start?  There seems to be so many things to avoid these days, what are the products we CAN use?”  My first response is that you’re on the right track.  (I own the Saskatoon Division of EcoCare Canada, which is a 100% chemical free cleaning company.

Start small and take baby steps – the goal is to change your lifestyle, which has taken all of your life to create.  So give yourself some grace and lets get started!

We use Norwex products exclusively in our cleaning and to be honest, I would recommend them over any cleaning product out there (I may have a bit of a bias though!).  Norwex provides an alternative to chemicals with their line of environmentally friendly and chemical free products. Their cloths are made with a very high quality microfiber that has silver nanofibers woven in.  The microfiber basically acts like little webs picking up the bacteria and the silver, being the natural disinfectant it is, kills those bad boys (bacteria), sanitizing your house as you clean. These cloths have been scientifically proven to sanitize to the degree of Lysol (99.9%) and they just use water!

The other great thing about Norwex products is that not only do they disinfect, they also remove any residue left behind.  Most of your chemical cleaners inevitably leave behind a residue because of the ingredients in them.  This residue actually attracts more dust/bacteria/gross things to it than if you didn’t use the cleaner at all.  (Maybe that’s the reason –and not your kids?- that your house never feels like it’s clean!)

I really feel as though I can see that fact as being true.  Something I have noticed is that the houses that already use Norwex products (or any other chemical free product) take significantly less time for me to clean because I don’t have the residue to contend with.  Something even more interesting is that I can tell when organic products are used in your bathing rituals simply because they take less time to clean off the surface of your shower.  I’m no scientist, nor do I have a microscope to inspect, but in my mind that has to say something about the validity of organic and chemical free products.

So if you aren’t in the place to get a homecare specialist to come and clean for you (P.S. I would love to clean your house!), my recommendation would be to start with the Norwex products themselves.  These products range from household cleaners to personal hygienic care.  My favorite personal hygiene products are their face cloths – I’ve never had anything clean my face so well and I rarely have to use makeup remover after I use them.  If you are interested in ordering something from Norwex you can contact me (, or your local Norwex provider, as these products aren’t sold in stores.

I also want to leave you with these two somewhat unrelated quotes to ponder. I’ve written them down during my travels of investigating chemical free cleaning (but failed to record where I got them… sorry!) and have found them to be quite interesting …

  1.  “Chlorine bleach requires 30 minutes of contact time to kill bacteria and is not effective if the surface is dirty – it must be cleaned first, then disinfected.”
  2. “Bacteria don’t cause the common cold and flu – viruses do.  But antibacterials don’t kill viruses.  So keep cleaning, and clean often, but use naturally derived products or microfiber.”
Thank you Amy!
If you’re interested check out some other Norwex reviews herehere and here

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