14 Sep

Last week we talked about the dangers of using antibacterial cleaners – however part of the dilemna in learning about the chemicals we should avoid, like triclosan, is that if we don’t find an alternative to harmful, poisonous products – we will most likely return to them when needed…
So we wanted to steer your purchases in a slightly different direction in case you’re in the market for comparable cleaners.  This week we’ve done a little research on pink solution and later on we’ll introduce Norwex – this is not to say that we support buying only these products, but that they are an example of a type of product which can be safer for you and for the earth.

Pink Solution was created in Canada through the University of British Columbia and is 100% natural & chemical free!

Pink Solution is a natural enzyme cleaner, which when mixed with water, emulsifies dirt, grease and grime, and restores finishes to their natural state. This means that it will not only clean, but will actually brighten surfaces that most cleaners dull, such as stainless steel appliances and fiberglass bath and shower stalls. The enzymes will emulsify even the oldest stains, which means that so long as there are not permanent dyes involved, even the oldest of laundry and carpet stains will be removed. Also, it contains no chemicals, and can be inhaled, eaten and used without any gloves, with no ill effects.

Contents of Most Other Cleaners
Most other All Purpose Cleaners contain harmful and dangerous Ingredients. The most common ingredient in household cleaners is ammonia. It is a carcinogenic and stays in the air for up to 4 hours when sprayed in the house. Look on the ingredients of most household cleaners and you will see Ammonia. All chemical cleaners are caustic, and so they actually corrode the lungs when inhaled. Products which claim to be “magic” contain formaldehyde, which is one of the most carcinogenic chemicals known to man.  Pink Solution contains none of these chemicals, and is non-caustic.

Pink Solution also replaces all household cleaners, even laundry detergent, so when used as directed, it can last an average family up to 2 years, replacing every different cleaner they would normally purchase.

See Pink Solution’s How-To Guide for more specific instructions.

Also – we found a blog post from someone who was a little skeptical about this product with many helpful comments if you’re feeling the same way as well as a product review from The Sustainability Ninja and a commitment to Pink Solution from Maids Gone Green… It’s always helpful to do your research!


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