27 Jul


At the end of our month on transportation we want to include those of us who just aren’t quite ready to give up on the vehicle. We don’t deny their convenience and we here at NWW encourage you to use your vehicle wisely and join a car share/car pool program. Lets reduce the number of cars on our roads and start meeting new people in the process!

Car Share is the sort of program where neighbors, friends, relatives and total strangers actually will coordinate and share their car as a common resource between the group of them.

Schedules become intertwined as one person will coordinate grocery pick up for themselves and their neighbors. You’ll have some company as you drive to work. You’ll have less days of driving on winter roads and you hopefully your learn new mind-blowing genres of music.

 Carsharing is a great way to a)meet new folks b)cut costs on gas and repairs and c)share the gift of a vehicle with more people.

Visit these websites to learn more.

Carshare Canada:
Carpooling in Canada:
Autoshare in Toronto:
Vancouver Co-operative Autoshare:
US Based car share:

(Sites found in The Everday Activist by Michael Norton)

 One last thing:

As we go out and explore our cities on our bikes, scooters, buses and our own two feet, let us be aware of the true conveniences and barriers to using our choice of transportation.

Can you see places where improvements should be made?

For example, if you walk to work notice where the crosswalks are; are they close enough for the majority of the community to cross safely, are they free of tree branches and easy to notice?

Is it one of these situations?

 What about biking, where are the bikes lanes, how do you know its a bike lane and is it free of parked cars and other hindrances?

For transit users, where are the bus stops, are the buses running on time, are there shelters to shield from the cold? A simple bus shelter can improve the practicality of taking the bus. Does your community have them? If not contact the transportation department and start asking for one!

These questions should be at the forefront of our minds as we traverse our cities, and know that we can initiate the conversations with our local government officials in order to make the necessary changes.

Our City Councilors and MLAs are actually interested in these sorts of things. They want to know what’s working and what’s not. Its thier job to know, and ours to tell them. Write to your City Councilor and inform them of the benefits of improvements to transportation infrastructure in your neighborhood!



One Response to “Carshare”

  1. Liz S. July 27, 2011 at 7:26 pm #

    Another great car sharing program my husband and I signed up for is Car2Go. All their vehicales are Smart Cars. What makes them unique is that you don’t need to return the car to it’s original parking spot. Just leave it at your destination and walk away! You can even park it in permit only areas. We love it so far!

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