Reconsider Reusing

4 May

We wanted to kick off our May focus on packaging by highlighting this event at Caffe Sola in Saskatoon next Wednesday!  No Waste Wednesday has partnered with Caffe Sola and the MCC Saskatchewan Thrift Network to reduce waste in the city!

Did you know?

Disposable paper cups affect the environment negatively.  Besides creating a steady supply of waste, disposable cups also demand a large consumption of natural resources and emit high levels of climate-changing green house gases.  Because so many disposable paper cups are used throughout the world, the actual environmental affect can be staggering.  Fortunately, there are alternatives.  Reusable coffee cups reduce the impact disposable cups have on our environment.  Waste, natural resources, and damage done by green house gases are all decreased by reusable cups after only 24 uses.  As an added bonus, reusable cups help cut supply costs for coffee houses.  That discount is often passed on to consumers – saving everyone money.

Here’s some info on the impact of disposable cups from the US, Starbucks and the University of Washington:
Get more info at

If you live near by – come out and support this cause (and bring your own mug if you have one).  If you’re far way, be inspired and go start something in your own community!
Either way, you can carry around your reusable mug with pride.

In fact, send us a picture of you with your  favourite travel mug and we will enter your name in to win a bag of coffee (roast of your choice) from Level Ground at Ten Thousand Villages mailed right to your door!

Email with your entry by May 31 2011.


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