2 Feb

Welcome to February!  This month we’d like to focus our attention on disposables.  There are so many things that we buy and consume – only to toss them.

If you haven’t already familiarized yourself with Story Of Stuff – you should go hear what they’re saying over there.  Apparently, on average 99% of what we buy is thrown away within 6 months of purchase!

A disposable is a product designed for cheapness and short-term convenience rather than medium to long-term durability, with most products only intended for single use.  (thank you Wikipedia)

Single-use products are creating a major catastrophe around the globe – our landfills are growing taller, our incinerators need to burn bigger piles and the convenience of it all is so grand that we’ve forgotten where our stuff comes from and where it goes when we’re done with it.

This month No Waste Wednesdays is very proud to introduce you to an enthusiastic lady named Janna who is living out an experiment for the 2011 year.

Her challenge is not to buy anything made in China
for a full 12 months.

There are of course a variety ways we can reduce our use of disposables (and obviously many quality products are also made in China) but this is where Janna was inspired to change her consumption habits and reduce the amount of stuff she buys.

Janna lives in Saskatoon with her 4 year old son Aidan.  A single mother, full time nursing student, Sunday school teacher, volleyball player and best white bun maker around (Oma’s recipe)!

She will be sharing her year with us under “Janna’s Journey”.  Tune in regularly to read her thoughts, challenges and creative ideas.

Read more on changing disposable living ideas at We Are Eco-Friendly.

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