Let’s Get Together

21 Jan

Carrot Mobbing – If you haven’t heard of it already, we are pleased to tell you about it…

Carrotmob.org is an organization based in San Francisco who’ve flipped the idea of a boycott on its head and have been active since 2008.  As they put it:

“We are a network of people who want our spending to make a difference.”

Carrotmob asks businesses to compete: Who will make the biggest change to their business in order to improve the world? The winner gets a reward: Our network will show up and spend money to support them. We can entice businesses to make social and environmental improvements if we give them a financial benefit for doing what we want. It’s the opposite of a boycott. Today we do community campaigns, and when enough people join we’ll have the power to change the largest companies in the world.

How It Began

On March 29th 2008, Brent Schulkin coordinated the first Carrotmob campaign. He went to 23 convenience stores in San Francisco and identified the store willing to make the strongest environmental improvements in exchange for a large number of new customers coming and spending money. Carrotmob was born when hundreds of people came to the store at the same time to buy anything they wanted. The “mob” more than tripled the store’s daily revenue in a few hours, and that revenue is how the store financed an energy efficiency retrofit of their lighting system.

The most fantastic thing about it is that if you know a group of people – you can make change happen.  Talk to your church, campus, coworkers, family, friends and see what you can do!
If you live in Saskatoon, Canada – check out this event!

Read more, “Reverse-boycotting: Crowd clout meets eco persuasion”

Have you been part of a carrot mob in your community?  Would you like to organize one?  Tell us about it – we’d love to hear how carrot mobbing has worked for you…


One Response to “Let’s Get Together”

  1. Emily February 4, 2011 at 9:09 pm #

    Thanks for the post about the Carrotmob concept and Carrotmob Saskatoon! We have a winner for our carrotmob event – Moka Coffee Bar,and we will be setting a date for the event in the next few days, so stay tuned to the facebook page! Thanks again for sharing our project.

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