11 Jan

In thinking through Collaborative Consumption this month we wanted to highlight one example in an urban context that has made a step in this direction.

Montreal installed Bixi bike service in their city in May of 2009.  Bixi is a public bicycle sharing system  which enables people to use a public bicycle for the time they need it without having to purchase one themselves.
The system provided 3000 bicycles and 300 stations located around Montreal’s central core by June 2009, expanding to 5,000 bicycles and 400 stations later that summer. Bixi marked its one-millionth ride on October 26, 2009.

Read more about Bixi…

In order to use the system, users need to take out a subscription, which allows the subscriber an unlimited number of rentals under 30 minutes. In Montreal, subscriptions can be purchased at $5 per day (at a pay station), $28 per month or $78 per year.  A trip that lasts longer than 30 minutes incurs a charge of $1.50 for the first half-hour, $3 for the second extra half-hour and of $6 for each subsequent 30-minute period. The increasing price scale is intended to keep the bikes in circulation.

Does your city or community have a bicycle sharing system?
Tell us about it!

And since it is winter for us here and a lot of us are struggling to find motivation to bike in the cold – there is an event coming up in Saskatoon to offer some encouragement.


Unfortunately we don’t have a bike share system in this city yet, so drag your bike out of its winter hiding place and join Saskatoon Cycles, We Are Many and participants from No Waste Wednesdays on January 30th!

Check out the video from last year:


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