Top Environmental News From 2010

29 Dec

Happy last Wednesday of 2010!

For our last post this year – we thought we’d give you a chance to reminisce through some of the top green stories of the year from the Daily Green – From the coolest cars to amazing treehouses, surprising facts about organic food and recently extinct species, here is a review of the top environmental news of 2010.
1. The Most Fuel-Efficient 2010 Cars and SUVs
2.  9 Food Label Lies
3.  The Dirty Secrets of 6 Scandalous Foods
4.  Planned Obsolescence: 8 Products Designed To Fail
5.  11 Amazing Tree Houses From Around the World
6.  $1500 Home Improvement Tax Credits
7.  7 of the Best 2010 Fuel Efficient SUV Crossovers
8.  50 Healthy Foods for Under $1 a Pound
9.  Extinct in Our Lifetime – 11 Species We’ve Lost Forever
10.  6 Surprising Facts About Organic Foods


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And some encouragement for the new year:
Continue to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life – Start small and encourage others to start with you.


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