Living More With Less

1 Dec

In December No Waste Wednesdays will feature a few alternative gift ideas for the Christmas season as well as some inspiration for the new year!

To start our month off I thought it was fitting to highlight a new 30th anniversary release of a much loved resource “Living More With Less”.

In 1980, before living simply and “green” became trendy and popular, Doris Janzen Longacre, author of the enormously popular More-with-Less Cookbook (over 900,000 sold), wrote Living More with Less, a practical guide for living in simple, sustainable, and healthy ways-ways that keep the future of the planet, and the plight of poor people, in mind.

Thirty years later, Living More with Less 30th Anniversary Edition is being released as a way to celebrate and honor Longacre’s foresight and vision, and to pass on her vision for simple and sustainable living to a new generation.

Order one today! A fabulous gift idea.

And be sure to check out the extra links and resources provided on the website.

Finally, we couldn’t post something on NWW today without highlighting December 1st World AIDs Day – Read more on the current situation and check out this video focusing on one example of MCC‘s work in Kenya.


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