One Simple Way to Clean Your House – and relax while you’re doing it!

24 Nov

Happy Wednesday team!
We have another guest blogger today to share some knowledge about beeswax…

If you are anything like me, then turning off the lights, and lighting a candle or two can be the most soothing thing after a long and busy day.   When I am home, relaxing or not, I will usually have a single tea light burning in the background.  I did this for about a year, and then I learnt how not so soothing that paraffin tea light candle was for the environment, and myself.

I’ve now made the switch to beeswax candles.  When I first began to burn beeswax candles, I was doing it purely because I didn’t want to be creating black soot that coated my walls, furnishings, curtains, and not to mention my lungs and skin… but then I learnt that beeswax candles were not only good for burning without toxins, but that they were also cleaning the air at the same time!

Positive Ions

Science has proven that anything floating in the air, be it in your home, office, or outdoors, is doing so because it is “positively” charged. This includes everything from dust and pollen to toxic residues and emissions coming from household furnishings, rugs, construction materials, to viruses, bacteria and germs. Even odors, such as food smells from cooking, household pets, mold, and mildew, all remain smelly because they are positively charged. All the toxins become positively charged by static electricity, friction from walking across carpets or from the “dry”, recycled air and heating systems we all use.

Negative Ions

The scientific principle at work here is that a proper balance of negative ions bind with the positive ions, creating complete molecules which have a heavier weight mass and a balanced charge. Hence the positive ions (toxins, dust, odors, etc.) no longer float, they simply fall to the ground. To rid your homes of positive ions, many people purchase expensive “Negative Ion Emitters”, sometimes producing an over abundance of ozone, which can be harmful. When beeswax candles burn, the dust and toxic fumes from the air are converted through the flame, much like a catalytic converter. It has been scientifically proven that the only fuel known to mankind to produce a fully balanced negative ion is PURE UNADULTERATED BEESWAX. It makes perfect sense that Nature would provide us with the finest tool to create the healthy air we all long for. (Information taken from: Alive, Canadian Journal of Health and Nutrition #218 December 2000, Article by Bill Reno)

I think this is pretty great!
I have been burning pure beeswax candles for about a year now, and I am completely sold on them.  Beeswax is a renewable  resource, and can be harvested locally and without pesticides.  When I cook with curry or strong spices, I burn a candle and the smell honestly goes away within the evening.  My aunt had a skunk spray near her fornt porch once, and she burnt a 3-wick beeswax candle, and a couple hours later she claims the smell was gone.  The lady who supplies and makes most of the candles listed below is married to a man with asthma, and he claims that he has stopped needing his inhaler since helping his wife with candle making.  This is a wonderful alternative to parrafin wax candles, and is a simple way to improve the air in your home!

Did you know that manufacturers can claim “pure beeswax” with as little as 30% of the total wax content being beeswax. Make sure you know what you are burning!

Here are some local places in Saskatoon that sell pure beeswax candles:

  • Herbs ‘n’Health Foodport: #3 1005 Broadway Ave
  • Handmade House Handcraft Store: 710 Broadway Ave
  • Sask Made Marketplace: 8th St. & Louise
  • Gift Shop Canada: Confederation Mall
  • Bead Hive/Bead Traders: Lawson Heights & Circle & 8th Mall
  • A Soft Landing: #112 – 120 Sonnenschein Way
  • Mendal Art Gallery: Spadina Cres., Saskatoon
  • I also sell candles (mainly tea lights on hand), and you can contact me at
  • Also check out Joan’s Beeswax Candles online

I hope this shall inspire you to switch to beeswax candles if you haven’t already done so!

Have a happy NoWasteWednesday!
By Jane O’Soup

Read more here… or check out reasons to avoid paraffin here 🙂

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