What’s Mine is Yours

13 Oct
I love the idea of going green when it comes to clothing as I love clothing!
I love finding unique pieces that reflect who I am and what I like. But I am also aware that going green can sometimes be an expensive and difficult venture and if you are like me, a poor university student, then sometimes buying new, greener clothing is not always an option.
Clothing swaps are a great way to get rid of your old clothes, find some great new ones, meet new people, eat great food, all while knowing you are doing your part in keeping with green living. What might be ugly and useless to you might be quite beautiful and useful to another! Swaps are a great way to go about cleaning your own closet while snatching up someone else’s done-with clothing.
There are many ways to go about planning one an organizing the actual swap, but here are some ideas to get you going:
1. Send out an invite to those in your area explaining your reasoning for holding a swap and have everyone coming bring a plate of goodies or drink so there is a wide variety ofappetizers!
2. Lay out the clothes in categories. Portable clothing racks work well for dresses and shirts.
3. Lay out some ground rules such as, the amount of clothes you bring is the amount you bring home. Setting rules helps avoid any chaos or tiffs that might break out…!
4. As for the swapping there are many ways to go about it but here are some of the more popular options:
a. Create “money” for everyone to use as they shop- for each item of clothing brought, one “dollar” can be used. More popular items could have higher prices.
b. Play the Christmas Game– Everyone receives a number and starting with the first person, everyone chooses 3 items of clothing while the next person has a chance to “steal”. An item can be stolen 2 times before the 3rd owner holds permanent possession.
c. Play in rounds. Round one is a “Perusal Round”. The guests can have a look around and keep an eye on the items they like. Round two is the “Grab Round”. Guests grab the pieces they like and if it’s a hot item, Rock, Paper, Scissors seems to work well!
5. The clothes that are leftover after the swap can be bagged up and dropped off at your local thrift store.
However you decide to do it, I’ve found that clothing swaps are not only a great way to find fabulous new-to-you pieces, but they are also a fun way to meet some new people. And they sure beat spending hours at thrift stores sifting through hundreds of pieces before you find the right one!
If you are in the mood to buy new, another great option is to check out locally made clothes at small shops or craft sales. Especially with winter approaching, craft sales are occurring quite regularly at different venues. This weekend (October 15 &16) a show is being held at the Western Development Museum where local crafters, including myself (Impressions of Jenni) and my mom who creates mittens out of used wool sweaters, will be selling their wares.
Hours are: Friday 4pm-10pm, Saturday 10am-5pm. If you are looking for some fabulous winter wear, be sure to stop by!



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