It’s good to know there are options!

22 Sep

Well – we’ve been so busy here at MCC this week our blog has gone without an update!

However, some exciting news…  Sunday Morning organic salonspa has another promo for us!
“At Sunday Morning we offer a Turn in Your Toxins Program

Guests are invited to bring in any personal care product containing at least two of any of the following ingredients and receive 15% off their healthier replacement”

It’s good thing we have replacement products available!  It’s only been in the last few years that more companies have started making them.  Although, in the meantime, lots of us started making them ouselves…

One No Waste Wednesday-er writes about her struggles with beauty products:
“Products I use everyday, I try my best to pick products that are as natural and safe as possible. Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, facial care products are ones that I pay particular attention to. If I use it once a month, then I am not quite as picky. Sometimes I just want my hair to stay put with that super duty extra hold hairspray! Probably not the safest decision, but one I have chosen to risk because of my minimal contact with this product.
Think about the environmental footprint. What kind of packaging do they use? Where do they come from? I find it difficult to decide sometimes whether to buy a products with no packaging, but has a few toxic chemicals in it, or to buy a product that is less toxic but comes in a plastic bottle. How many toxics were used to make the plastic? Will the toxics seep into my products?
Think about supply and demand. Remember you have a voice, and you are saying something when you purchase something from the store. Suppliers will give consumers what we demand. If we demand more toxic free products, we will find more on the shelves where we shop. I am also a fan of making my own products! There are lots of great recipies out there for homemade products! In homemade products you know exactly what is in it, and you can choose ingreditnts that are organic, local, and safe!”

Thanks for writing in!  Let us know if you have any homemade beauty product recipes to share – we’d love to post them!


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