Now that’s a deal!

9 Sep

Knowing what is in our products, which ingredients to avoid and the effects of them is very important!  However, it is also good to explore what else is available to us.

A while ago I was exposed to a web database that rated products based on their toxicity.  You can enter your product information into it and find out how poisonous it is!
Give it a try and see how dangerous your morning routine actually is…


This may seem time consuming, but products these days are slapped with labels claiming to be ‘natural’, ‘organic’ or ‘plant-based’ when all the while they are just as harmful as those without the labeling.  Your skin absorbs about 60%, of what we apply, into our systems (even more in a hot shower) so do a little research before you slather it on.
Here’s a fun link to check out for further exploration on greenwashing.

So are there alternatives?  You bet!
“In response to consumers’ very sensible concerns regarding what we put on our skin, which is highly absorptive and the body’s largest organ, the market for natural personal care is booming.  Beauty products with certified organic ingredients are now sold by major retailers…” (taken from “Do One Green Thing” by Mindy Pennybacker).

Here are a few of the many companies striving to make quality, natural products… If you are not seeing them in your stores already, ask for them!  You have a voice as a consumer.

Badger Balm

Ecco Bella

Almay Pure Blends

Avalon Organic Botanicals

Burt’s Bees

Jason Natural Organics

Kiss My Face

Physicians Formula

PLUS!  There are now businesses who’ve committed to using completely organic products.  Next week we will be hearing from the owner of Sunday Morning Organic Salon in Saskatoon.  And for the months of September and October, if you mention No Waste Wednesdays, you will receive $5 off your total when you book or buy there!


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