June beginnings – COMPOST

8 Jun

No Waste Wednesday Members – we’ve made it to June!
For this month – we will be focusing on compost!

Composting is something that anyone can do and it can make a great impact to reduce the amount of organic matter in your trash can.  It seemed like a natural follow-up to our packaging theme so here are a few ideas (from Environment Canada) to get us started:
Think of all the vegetable trimmings, fruit scraps, coffee grounds and egg shells that your household generates each week. That’s not garbage: that’s free nutrient-rich food for your garden and plants. Composting this material cuts down on weeds, reduces the need for extra watering and provides a healthy playground for helpful earthworms.

Why compost?

  • Good for the planet – Composting converts a large portion of your household waste into hearty soil. This by-product of natural recycling will help your garden grow instead of emitting greenhouse gases and taking up real estate a landfill.
  • Good for your wallet – You could pay for the same stuff at a garden centre every year but homemade compost is absolutely free (once you have the composter).
  • Great for your plants – If they could talk, they would thank you for feeding them nutritious compost.

The science is easy: expose your kitchen scraps to air and bacteria and fungi go to work on it, breaking down the organic material into simpler substances. After two to three months, your dinner discards have been converted into a dark, earthy, soil-like substance that smells fresh not foul.
Check out the complete story with some ‘How To Tips’ here.

Also – you can watch a helpful little video on using a vermi-post for those of us who need to compost indoors…


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