Good to know before you take out the trash…

8 Jun

With our first week into composting through already, I’ve been able to have a few conversations with several of you about the benefits of composting.
However, some of us were curious about the disadvantages of not composting… Doesn’t our organic waste just decompose in the landfill?

It does not.

Although approximately 30% of the material we send to the landfill is organic and could be composted at home – most of it will not turn into compost once in a landfill.  In fact, rather than turning our apple cores, egg shells & grass clippings into nutrient-rich plant food, organic matter in landfills actually adds to the, on average, 50 million tonnes of global methane emissions.  Not to mention that the majority of this landfill methane is coming from well developed countries, where waste levels tend to be the highest.  Read the complete article here.

So get out there (OR stay in with your vermi-post), either way – do us all a favor and save your kitchen waste from adding to the pollution problem.


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